2008 Lexus IS F

2008 Lexus IS F

2008 Lexus IS F

Sticker Price: $56 000 for the basic version

Stats: 5 litter 416 hp V8 engine: 371 pound feet of torque at 5.200 rpm: 16/23 mpg

Pros: The rims by BBC which makes the rims for Formula 1 cars- 19 inches, aluminum.
The optional 14 speaker by Mark Levinson stereo has a great sound but as the folks from
Wired mention in their review “no musician makes sweeter noise than the engine”.

Cons: It takes premium gas so it could be quiet expensive to drive this beauty but if you
can afford to buy Lexus the gas prices are the last thing that worries you. The chrome stacked
quad exhausts are cosmetic.


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